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Hah. Wow. It's been like 3 months since I last wrote in this. Why? Because I'm an ass and a lazy bum. Newayz.

It's no longer 4/20 here. [hitler's bday, anniveristy of columbine, national pot day...] Hardly anyone was at school because they were all getting high. But besides that, some nut threatened to shoot at our school and had a hit list of people he was going to kill.

I still went to school though. Because the hallways were awesome. I could actually walk in them. Normally, you get stepped on no matter what. Today, it was mad nice. And it's not like we did anything in class. Besides, it was safe going today, because the police were there and we were aware. It's probably more dangerous going to school any other day. You need to go on with your lives and not live in a hubble.

The guy was a 10th grade asian kid who claimed his cousin killed the peeps in VA. right Though I must admit, they do look alike.


Whatev. There's more a chance that you get killed by a car than a gunman coming into your school and shooting you. Here's something else... The principal made an annoucement over the loud speaker saying "Carey High School is 100% safe!"


Schools think they are safe and think they can prevent this stuff from happening. When in reality, they CAN'T.

Shit happens.

They might have a plan and take caution, but when it actually happens, all hell will break loose. It may look good on paper, but it's easier said than done.

Take a fire drill for example. "Walk in a straight line! No talking!" - If a real fire actually occurred, do you really think people would do that accordingly? No. They would be running for their fucking lives. Chaos.

Hell, my school can't even handle a simple food fight, let alone a bomb threat or gunman. Thank Gods nothing happened today.
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