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Counters To Arguments Against Gruvia (Gray x Juvia)

Counters To Arguments Against Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)

The manifesto itself counters all of these arguments, but I will break them down one by one and give a brief counter to each.

  1. Juvia is a fangirl/stalker that only has a crush! It's not real love/her feelings are immature!

Juvia tends to “fangirl” to add comic relief.  She has multiple reasons to love Gray.  And if she really was just a fangirl and only went for looks, why doesn’t she do the same for any other cute guy?  There’s more to her feelings for Gray.  Regarding her “stalking”, she hasn’t done that for a while.  The last time she was looking at him was when the gang got back from Tenrou Island and started to train.  Even then, she was a part of the team.  Her feelings are more than a crush.  In the beginning, yes I can agree it started as one.  But as time went on, her feelings became deeper and are completely genuine.  The entire battle with Meredy showed us that Juvia’s feelings for Gray turned into love.  That same battle also showed us her love for Gray makes her strong.  Her feelings are not immature.  Gray was the one to show her kindness when no one else did.  Gray was the one who stopped the rain.  Juvia can be serious while fighting a long side Gray, as supported by chapter 320 where they are fighting Lyon and Chelia seriously.  Juvia’s jealousy seems to have toned down a bit as well.  She still gets jealous, but has become friends with many she considered a “love rival” in the past such as Lisanna and Lucy.   Just because Juvia has extremely strong feelings for Gray does not label her as a fangirl.  It goes beyond that.

  1. Gray doesn't care about Juvia in that way and he probably hates her!

First of all, Gray does not hate Juvia.  He considers her his nakama, so that argument is false.  Second, his feelings for her have been developing.  Some of things she does annoy him.  That’s natural.  But Gray isn’t exactly an open book when it comes to romantic lovey dovey stuff either.   He won’t show it as much as Juvia, but he does care about her.  He was the one worried about her when she didn’t return to the group during the S-Class exam.  He was the one who carried her away to safety when Acnologia attacked.  He blushed whenever Erza told him to make things clear with Juvia.  He never rejects her.  He is seen at the top of the love slide anyway even though he said he wasn’t going.  It looks like Gray interacts with Juvia and is next to her a lot more than any other girl in the guild.  So him falling in love with her is completely realistic.  The current fight going on proves/will prove how well they work together as a team.  Truthfully speaking, I think that scene with Erza confirms that Gray is either re-evaluating his feelings or he does have them but doesn’t know how to go about it.

  1. Juvia should be with Lyon because he actually likes her!

So this means that Juvia’s feelings don’t matter?  Her feelings for Gray are so strong and show cased so much that I find it hard to believe she would drop them so late in the series and fall for Lyon.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Lyon.  But him and Juvia just don’t have the ground work that Gray and Juvia have.  I’m not going to go into Lyon’s feelings, but if you think about it realistically, he was put there to most likely make Gray and Juvia closer.  As well as add some comedy, seeing as he's Gray's childhood friend/rival.
Gray has his moments where he shows concern for Juvia. He's not exactly an open book, especially when it comes to romance. The major hint was when he blushed and turned away from Erza when she asked Gray about giving Juvia an answer. Notice, Gray does not reject Juvia. He looks annoyed, he wonders what's wrong with her, but he doesn't reject her feelings. There needs to be more development on Gray's side before this pairing becomes canon, which I expect in the upcoming chapters if anything. His feelings are being kept vague on purpose.  Overall, Gruvia has much more ground than Lyvia, which lacks progression.

  1. This pairing is completely one sided and it will always stay one sided!

It’s not completely one sided.  This goes back to Gray caring about Juvia.  You can also tell that at this point, Lyon making moves on Juvia bothers Gray.  I’m not going to call it jealousy.  However, he evidently doesn’t like when Lyon takes Juvia away from him.  I really don’t think he would get this defensive over another girl in the guild.

  1. Gray has feelings for someone else! (Erza, Lucy) He prefers them over Juvia!

There has been no confirmation Gray has romantic feelings for anyone.  Juvia is the girl that he interacts with the most, so I can’t possibly see how he would prefer another girl over her.  He cares for others such as Lucy and Erza, but it’s not romantic.  Regarding Lucy, there are many, many scenes where Juvia considers her a love rival in which either Gray, Lucy, or both of them state that’s not the case.   Erza has shown to support Gray and Juvia together, and Gray can obviously see her relationship with Jellal.  If any girl is to end up with Gray, Juvia has the greatest chance by far.  As “one-sided” as it is romantically, it’s better than “zero-sided”.

  1. Gray would only be forced into the relationship if it happens!

If the pairing becomes canon/official then Gray will be with Juvia because he wants to be.  Simple as that.  If he was forced into a relationship with her, Gruvia would be canon already.  Mashima is developing Gray’s feelings so that it’s not forced.
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