I. HAVE. PINK. EYE[S]. AGAIN. [I had it in the summer. >>;]


>_< I thought I told life to stop sucking! DDD:

So yeah, on Tuesday I woke up with a nasty cold and couldn't push myself to get out of bed. So I stayed home from school. Wednesday I went to school for periods 1-6 and went home after because I couldn't function right and couldn't bare to stay in school for 4 more periods. Today I stayed home again because I still have a cold, but when I woke up... my eyes were all crusty and gross. And guess what? IT'S PINK EYE. :DDDDD!!! I never had pink eye until last summer. So this is my 2nd time having it. I jinxed myself. Know why? Well, course you don't. I'll tell you! In school.. last week? I was talking to Rossella and she's like "Angela had pink eye and so did Christina. Don't get Pink Eye! lol" then I said "I'll get a cold. I'm not getting pink eye. lol" AND THEN IT HAPPENS. >_____>

But I did get a 90 on my English Regents. <3

I cut gym last week with Angela and Vinny. Rossella told me everyone was like "Where's Marie and Angela? They were just here." >:P We went to the lunch room instead. But then my gym teacher came to the lunch room. o___o She caught Vinny. xDDDDD Me and Ang got away.

But since Ive been absent.. I missed another 2 days of gym. I was talking on the phone with Rossella again today and she was like "Yeah gym was so pathetic. And everyone is wondering where you were." Cause I'm the one who makes gym fun by actually playing. "Christina was like 'I just saw Marie. She was in 1st period!'"

Me: WTF? I wasn't in school! xDDDD
Rossella: I know. xDDDD But then Elise was like 'No she wasn't.' O_o


I'm not going to school tomorrow either. Besides the fact I'm sick, I have to go to the orodontist and have a chain in my mouth removed. I had surgery about 2 years ago to move a tooth down by attaching a chain thing to it. Now they are finally taking it off.

Oh oh! Now about Naruto. The latest chapter [340] was kick ass. Naruto is Naruto again. ^_^ The imperfect Naruto. He is no longer a mary sue! Yet some people were bashing him saying "Ohh he failed! HE SUCKS. dgyhcegyf" Yeah yeah STFU. Seriously WTF? We saw how determined Naruto was AND there's a freaken panal with SASUKE. A nice Sasu-Naru moment. [I would say Team 7, but Sakura wasn't there] Ugh. This isn't the first time we've seen Naruto fail. He's done it countless times throughout the series. But he learns from his mistakes and is a "proud failure"  [As Hinata has told him before haha]

Naruto's attack failed, however he wants to try again and he won't stop until he wins.

BUT FINE. Yeah, he failed. Dumb, stupid Naruto. Retarded chapter. [/sarcasm]

I heard it was mostly Sasuke fans who flamed people who thought Naruto could pwn Kakazu with his attack. I'm a Sasuke fan, but I love Naruto to bits. I love them both and they're both awesome characters. Getting flamed just because your prediction was wrong? Might as well flame the entire theories section.

In other news, fillers are almost over. Thank god. In ep. 220 preview there's a picture of Naruto with his fist in the air getting ready to leave with Jiraiya. Hopefully chap. 238 gets animated right. [because it has NaruHina cuteness

I have a new favorite Naruto quote from 340!

If I can't get to the other side, I'll always just be a kid. Please don't keep me from crossing that bridge. ~ Uzumaki Naruto

*sigh* I am such a Narutard. :)

I signed up to be an editor on urban dictionary because I know so much slang it's sad. xD
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Naruto 'Shipping
Favorite yaoi pairingSasuke x Naruto [even though I dislike yaoi]
Favorite yuri pairingNone
Favorite het pairingNaruto x Hinata
Overarching shiny M3ant2b3 OMGOTPNaruto x Hinata
Favorite threesomeNone
Favorite teacher/student pairingGai x Lee lol
Favorite guilty pleasureItachi x Sakura
Crack of choiceSasuke x Hinata
Because it's prettyShikamaru x Ino
w-w-WHY, cruel world?Does that mean why does it even exist? If so, Naruto x Sakura. Ugh. No romantic love! >_<
Favorite canon(-ish, loose definition, etc, this is Naruto we're talking about)Shikamaru x Temari
It all makes sense. After I've had a few beers, anyway.Chouji x Temari O_o
Dysfunctionality, baby. It's what makes the world go 'round.Gaara x Sakura
Because I canNeji x TenTen
My first Naruto 'ship EVARSasuke x Sakura
Where has all the shiny gone/why don't I feel the love anymore?Naruto x Sakura [Sorry, can't stand it anymore]
Me/this 'ship = one night standKakashi x Sakura
obscure character 'shipNone. ;D
favorite Naruto x powerful boy who's ass he kicked(/is going to kick three years from now) pairingNaruto x Sasuke
Twosome permutation of Team 7Sasuke x Sakura


I'm mad boring. xD
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(no subject)

You know, fandom really sucks. ZONG YOU'RE ARGUMENTS SUCK11!1 Oh STFU already. Fucking piece of- *ahem* Such hypocrites. Anyway.

I need to call some of my friends that I haven't been in contact with over the week... Vacation is ending soon. :( Alannah, Angela, and Brittany too. I'm going to the High School Musical Concert with Rossella on Sunday. [Yes, New Years Eve] I guess it will be fun. Maybe.

One of my hands is cold while the other is really warm.


InoSai. xDDD

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I got a bunch of gifts in which I don't feel like typing them all out. So I'll just name a few I like:

NorthFace Coat <333
Kakashi BedSpread <333
Gaara T-shirt <333
Case for my laptop<333

And other things that I can't remember. xD

I want some Baked Ziti. We still have some from last night. Will eat it later. ;D

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. >D
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Christmas Break has begun! >:D

This year I have no math take home test! Last year I did and because I didn't know WTF I was doing, I made James stay after school and help me. by giving me answers  Mwhaha. Oh God it was horrible. We stayed outside in the FREEZING COLD--BELOW 20 DEGREE WEATHER FOR 3 HOURS, to do math. Alll for math. My legs and ass, and everything was numb. [His too] But this year I didn't have to make him stay because I didn't get a take home! :D I do have AP homework though. >___> *will procrastinate until the last day before school starts again and then will be screwed* Yay!

Today was a fun day. I got loads of gifts. I am loved. OH! Speaking of gifts, Chey's package came! [I mailed her's out on Wednesday--Hopefully she'll get it tomorrow. If she doesn't then she'll get it after Christmas.. And well.. that's not cool.] She got me a pretty Key West sweatshirt and of course... made me cookies. ^^ SANKYUU CHEY-CHAN! *hugs* I really love the sweatshirt and I had some of the cookies--Made of awesome and win. and love <3 I felt bad though cause I felt like I didn't give her enough. .__. But then I remembered I already gave her a shirt back in September when I went to the City.  [and keychain] xD So I don't feel bad anymore.  I remember looking around the city trying to find a damn shirt that didn't say "I ♥ NY" >_> there were soooo many of those. But I got a prettier shirt for her then that. :D

Tomorrow is Tori's "x x X-mas party" xDDDD It's at her friend Lee's house. His parents will be away for the weekend so we get 3 whole floors to ourselves. It's gunna be maddd sick and mad people will be there. I'll go to Angela's house first and go with her. [I don't trust my mom] xD

So yeah. Fandom sucks. ♥
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Yesterday I had to buy lunch [like I do everyday] and the lunch was DISGUSTING. It was those small cheeseburger things [like White Castle only White Castle is 7435663564738437634784690283 times better.] And yeah... so I didnt want to eat that. I got two hash browns instead but I didnt feel like paying for both of them so I just ate one on the lunch line [no they didnt see me] so when I got to the lady to pay it looked like I got one instead of two. xDDDDD *Bwhaha*

I got Chey's gift. where are my cookies?

hgtdgfdchdh Yesss Friday is the last day until break. I only get a week and a day off for Christmas break. >>; BUT! I DO get another week off in Febuary--Winter Break. [where as most people in other states do not. ;DDD]

In other news, I got a 91 on my 1,000 word essay on Al Gore. It's going to be entered in some contest too. Fun.

I fell asleep in science today. And I have a test tomorrow. Fail.

*does not feel like using proper grammar*
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